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Nav Paurush Herbal Health Powder
Price: 500GM : INR 426.00
  1KG : INR 768.00
Indications : : Anaemia, Loss of Appetite & General Weak Ness & Fatigue.
Hindi/English name Latin name
Shatavar Asparagus racemosus 
Vidhara Argyria Speciosa
Vidari Kand Dioscorea Pentaphylla 
Ashwgandha Withania Somnifera
Gokhru Tribulus Terrestris
Kali Musli C.Orchioides
Konch Beej Mucuna Prurita Hook
Triffla A.S.S.
Kukutandwak Bhasm A.S.S.
Shankh Bhasm A.S.S.
Shilajeet A.S.S.
Loha Bhasm A.S.S.
Starch Starch
SMP Skimmed Milk Powder
Maltodextrine Maltodextrine Powder
Sugar Sugar
Description :

NAV PAURUSH POWDER is very effective to those who suffer feebleness, lean & thin physique despite good diet, have to do mental and physical labour for whole of the day but feels dullness & tiresome all the while or even after slight exertion, those who experience dryness or insipidity in skin, dark contours & hollowness around eyes, weight loss constantly, giddiness and blurred vision.

The very first step in Ayurved is to correct digestive system. Trifla, Shankh Bhasm & Gokhru in NAV PAURUSH HEALTH POWDER acts on Digestive system and Shataver Shilajeet etc. acts upon pancreas & intestine to excrete more digestive enzymes for proper digestion of food. Loha Bhasm helps producing new blood and Kukudatmak Bhasm is helpful in calcium deficiency. The other ingredients i.e. Aswagandha, Vidari Kand, Musli, konch Beej, Protien , Carbohydrates , Poly and M Mono Saccharides etc. are very good source of energy & power . In real terms NAV PAURUSH HEALTH POWDER acts very fast on internal & digestive system and provide necessary nutrients to every part of body and repairs damaged muscle cells. Being an 100% Ayurvedic Product NAV PAURUSH HEALTH POWDER has absolutely No Side Effect.

Dose :
Add 25 Gram (3 Spoonfull) of powder in a glass of little milk or water and stir it briskly unit it forms a smooth paste . Then add luke warm milk (approx 300 ml.) and stir it again. A refreshing & healthy drink ready. Consume minimum 2 serving per day. To get best results take one serving 30 minutes after workout/sports activity.Some herbs may come on the surface of milk, consume it as it is.
Precautions :

1.Use milk ,Paneer, Curd, Bannana, Pulses or Egg, Meat etc. every day during this course.
2.Smoking and other narcotics restricted.

Note :
1.Dosage should be regular with good diet for better results.
2.Use of NAV PAURUSH CAPSULE and HEPOTAB TABLET along with NAV PAURUSH POWDER is very useful for long lasting results.
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