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Charaka Samhita - Charaka  

The extant text has eight sthāna (books), totalling 120 chapters.

Sushruta Samhita - Sushruta  

The extant text has six sthāna (books), totalling 184 chapters.

Ashtanga Hridayam - Vagbhata  

The extant text has six sthāna (books), totalling 120 chapters.

  Bhava Prakasha - Bhavamishra

This is the most important text, written by Bhava-Mishra on the information of herbs

  Madhava Nidanam - Madhava

This is written in two volumes, written by Madhava, on the pathogenesis of the diseases.

  Sharngadhara-Samhita - Sharngadhara

This deals mainly with information of various formulae.

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