Giloy – A potent herb which cures multiple problems

The potency and efficacy of Ayurvedic herbs are not hidden by anyone. Ayurvedic herbs are safe, effective, and helps to strengthen the body from within. Likewise, Giloy is a herb that is used for most of the ailments and thus it is known as “Queen of herbs” or “Nectar”. Giloy is an excellent herb that is recommended by our grandmothers, doctors and many Ayurvedic practitioners. Read more


Treat Fatty Liver With The Goodness Of Ayurveda

You must have heard doctors saying that excess alcohol intake might lead to fatty liver. However, fatty liver is also seen in people who do not drink or never have touched alcohol throughout their life. Fatty liver, also known as Hepatic Steatosis is the deposition of excess fat in the liver cells. Our liver is the largest organ in our body and helps our body to digest food, store energy and further removes the toxic elements from our body. Read more


Sexual Disorder May Be a Reason For Depression in Females

Females have to deal with myriad problems throughout their lifetime. Pregnancy and infertility disorders can easily enter in your child-bearing age.  Sedentary lifestyle, stress, workload, poor eating habits, gave birth to various medical conditions in females. In a similar way, sexual disorder is the biggest problem seen in various females nowadays. The sexual disorder has been increased to a higher rate in modern women specially who are more devoted to their career and goals. Read more


No Need To Crave For A Baby Anymore!

Infertility is a condition which results in both male and female. However, the percentage of female infertility is more than male infertility. Here we are going to discuss female infertility. Previously, a female is considered to be infertile if she is not able to conceive within one year of marriage without the use of any form of contraception. But nowadays, people are mature enough and thinking about family planning. The ratio of female infertility has gradually increased in the present scenario due to stress and an unhealthy lifestyle. In the case of females, infertility also means the condition when a female is unable to maintain or carry a pregnancy. It is a very common infertility disorder seen in urban as well as rural areas and usually found in one of every five couples.  Read more


Worried of small breast size?

Women are very particular about their beauty. Women can’t have all the body organs loaded with fitness and beauty. Similarly, breasts in females use to enhance their beauty, upgrade their looks and nurture their babies.

There is no definite size of the breast. Women can have the breast of different sizes. Some women used to have normal or bigger breasts size which is fine with them. The problem arises when the breast size is small. In medical terms, this problem is known by the name of “Micromastia.” It can be defined as post-pubertal underdeveloped breast tissue. Aiming for perfect figure and thin body weight in young women results in small breast size and unhealthy body.  Read more


Experiencing Male Infertility Symptoms – Treat with Ayurveda!

Male infertility disorder slowly but surely going to snatch the will to become parents and ruining parenthood. With the development of science and technology and with knowledge people are now aware that males are equally responsible for infertility as women are. Male infertility can even hold on the happiness of having a baby. Male infertility can be defined as the inability of men to cause pregnancy in a fertile woman. It can be due to various reasons accompanied by a problem in the hormones, semen, sperm, ducts, etc. Read more


Fighting with fever – We have a natural solution!

The normal or average temperature of the body is 37°C or 98.7°F. If in any condition, the body temperature rises the normal level, the person is said to have “Fever” or Pyrexia. In this condition, the person feels severe chills, tired and low. Fever can affect the general wellness of any person of any age and gender.

Fever mainly results due to the response of the body’s immune system due to a foreign invader. This invader could be any bacteria, viruses, fungi, toxins or any form of the drug. These foreign-invaders are termed as fever-producing elements popularly known as “Pyrogens”. Read more