12 Home Workout Tips to Restore Physical and Mental Health

As we all know the World is facing a pandemic situation in the form of Covid-19. We are going through a huge loss economically. Moreover, along with economic loss but people who are locked in their homes for so long are getting physically inactive, mentally depressed, accompanied by anxiety, malaise, and laziness. 

Covid times are hard, we have to keep everything in our mind from regular sanitization to social distancing, boosting the immune system, and keeping indoors. Among all, we must not forget the importance of our physical and mental health. As both these play an important role in living a healthy life and increasing the quality of life.  Read more


Keep 8 Things In Mind To Keep Home Sanitized In Covid-19 Times

As we are going through a pandemic crisis, everyone is worried about their safety while stepping out. It is very important to maintain proper hygiene and disinfect the house daily. Sanitization is important and it is important to keep coronavirus away from coming home. Here are the following 8 tips that you must keep in your mind –  Read more