Aliant Capsule

Aliant Anti-allergic capsule is an Ayurvedic product which is highly beneficial in Skin and lungs related infections and disorders. This Ayurvedic medicine is enriched with the goodness of beneficial Ayurvedic herbs. Moreover, it is highly recommended for skin care diseases along with respiratory tract diseases. It is widely used for various skin disorders which include skin rashes, skin redness, skin irritation, dandruff particles on the skin. Patients can even use it if they have any of the following respiratory diseases which include asthma, breathing problems and chronic sneezing.

The herbal ingredients used in this Ayurvedic medication have an origin in the mountains and are very effective for the allergy-prone area. Moreover, it helps to reduce your tridosha and even beneficial in strengthening your immunity resistance. Also, it is beneficial in any kind of fungal infection on your skin. This Ayurvedic product is effective in chronic skin diseases. Aliant Anti-allergic capsule is suitable for the patients above 6 years of age. It has an excellent anti-fungal and anti-viral properties. It is even helpful in removing toxins from the body and facilitates excellent protection to the skin and lungs.

Major components of Aliant Anti-Allergic Capsule



Reduces Skin disorders and skin allergies.



Balance Tridosha



Removes Skin impurities

neem chaal

Neem Chhal

Works as Blood Purifier

Tribrat Satv

Trivat Satv

Removes toxins from the body


Gandhak Rasaayan

Reduces Skin-Related disorders


Helpful in Skin infections


Vayvidang Satv

Beneficial in Skin disorders like tinea/ringworm, eczema, pruritus


Skin Allergy

Urticaria (Hives)


Food Allergy


Fungal infection

Fungal infection

Pollution borne diseases

Lung Infection

Skin inflammation

Skin inflammation




Take 1 capsule twice a day 15 minutes before your meal.
To increase the efficacy, take 5 to 10 ml HBR Syrup Twice a day before meal.


Box of 1 X 15 X 4 Capsules

Note – Be assure to consult your doctor before taking the medicine.


An ailment or a disease that affects the skin of the body is known as skin disease. It can be painful or pain-free and even hereditary.

Ayurvedic treatment of skin diseases includes the consumption of Aliant capsules which is effective in this problem. It is an Ayurvedic treatment that helps in skin diseases.

Symptoms of skin disease include skin irritation, rough skin, dry and broken skin, skin discoloration and ulcers, etc.

There are various preventive measures of skin infection which include drinking a good quantity of water, eat nutritious food, wash your hands with water and soap and reduce stress.

Treatment of skin disease depends on the severity of the disease and not on the Ayurvedic treatment.

Fungal infection occurs in the skin. Fungal infection is mainly due to parasite and bacteria which results in skin irritation and swelling.

Parasites are responsible for skin disorders because parasites lay eggs under the skin and those eggs are responsible for the skin infection. Thus skin disorders occur.

Multiple skin disorders are heredity because it weakens the immune system.

Skin infection occurs when the bacteria enter the body through wounds and gives rise to a skin infection.