The kidney is a vital organ in our body and is very essential for survival. The primary role of the kidney is to do blood filtration. Also, it helps to remove unwanted elements and toxins from the body and helps in the production of urine. Some people can experience small crystalline masses in their urine. They are small, tiny but slowly and gradually form an inch or bigger size, known as kidney stone. 

The reason behind kidney stone: –

The formation of kidney stones in the body arises when there is an insufficient amount of liquid in the urine to wash out the waste chemicals which includes calcium oxalate, and phosphorus. Due to an insufficient amount of water in the body, the waste in the body becomes concentrated and they result in the formation of various crystals, resulting in kidney stones.

How can one experience that he/she has kidney stone: –

In general, a person used to experience intense pain on their back or sideways. It is further accompanied by burning sensation while urinating, blood in urine, nausea, vomiting, fever, chills, etc.

Who are more prone to kidney stone: –

It is said that men are more prone to kidney stones in comparison to women. However, if a person has any family member who had a kidney stone in the past then he/she has an increased risk of developing kidney stones.

Some other factors include if the patient does not consume a sufficient amount of water if he consumes a diet that is rich in protein, sugar or salt, overweight, in the past has experienced any kind of bypass surgery. If we talk about age, people with 22 to 65 years tend to develop a kidney stone.

How can you prevent kidney stone?

Drink plenty of water – When you drink plenty of water it helps to dilute the substance responsible for stone formation.

Reduce your sodium intake – If you consume a high-sodium diet it may trigger your kidney stones.

Reduce your intake of animal protein – Animal protein boosts the levels of uric acid which could result in the formation of kidney stones.

Avoid consuming stone-forming food – Some food items like chocolate, beetroots, spinach, and most of the nuts have a good quantity of oxalate whereas most of the cold drinks are enriched with phosphate, both of them can contribute to forming kidney stones.

Ayurvedic treatment for kidney stones: –

In Ayurveda, there is most effective Ayurvedic treatment for Kidney Care. Ambic Ayurved is stacked with two excellent Ayurvedic products Urid Capsule and Aamish Syrup which not only treat the kidney stone but also prevent it from reoccurring. Moreover, it helps to treat various other urinary disorders like Urinary Tract Infection (UTI), Urethritis (mutraghat), Endometritis (Infection in the uterus), Dysuria (mutrakarachchh). It further helps to reduce the presence of protein, pus cells, epithelial cells in the urine.

Ayurvedic herbs like Pashan-Bhed, Anantmool, Daru Haldi, Punarnava, Vaividang, Kulathi, Varun Chaal are stacked with excellent medicinal properties which help to cure kidney stones and further helps to restore the overall kidney health.

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