Choose Your Holi Colors Cautiously – It May Result In Skin Allergies And Irritation

India is a country which is stacked up with various festivals based on different religion and caste. People used to enjoy festivals, rituals, food, and mode of worship. Among various festivals, Holi is a festival in Hindu mythology which is known as “festival of colors”. It is celebrated to welcome the arrival of spring. On Holi, people used to play with different vibrant colors and express their joy and happiness. It is completely fine to express happiness, joy, and excitement with your loved one, the problem arises with the colors. Earlier people used to play colors with flower petals, organic colors which were prepared from natural sources like Turmeric, Marigold, Palash (Tesu), etc. They have a healing effect on the skin and do not show any kind of side effects. 

How synthetic colors affect skin condition: –  

Nowadays, organic colors have been replaced via synthetic colors. People used to drench their friends and relatives in synthetic colors without thinking once about the ill effects of the colors. Synthetic colors contain cheap and toxic elements which include mica, lead, alkalis, small piece of glasses and many more. They give arise to various skin and hair problems like skin abrasions, itching, allergies, rashes, irritation, eye infection, hair roughness, etc.

The problem arises when the color starts depositing on the skin and hair scalp. As the colors and dyes are so harsh and concentrated that they do not come out of the skin and hair scalp on one wash. The time till second or third wash the color remains on the skin and hair scalp and show various side effects like redness of skin, puffiness of face, itching, burning, etc. Moreover, as the Holi is played outdoors, the bright and harmful UV radiation shows harmful effects on the skin when mixed up with various toxic elements present in the colors and further makes the skin itchy, irritated, dry, dull and tanned.

How can one prevent skin allergies on the Holi occasion: – 

It is impossible to stay away from colors on Holi. In a similar way, by keeping certain things in your mind you can stay away from the ill effects of Holi colors.

Always apply coconut oil or an adequate amount of moisturizer on your skin and apply a good quantity of organic hair oil on your hair before you step out. However, this will not completely prevent you from skin allergies but will certainly create a barrier.

Treatment of skin allergy via Ayurvedic product: – 

Now, if you have a skin allergy due to Holi colors, you need to choose the best and effective Ayurvedic products. Ayurvedic products are the blend of herbal ingredients which cures skin allergy without hampering the skin quality. HBR Syrup, an excellent Ayurvedic product of Ambic Ayurved, which helps to cure and heal the skin problems and allergy. The potent ingredients, in HBR Syrup named Gokhru and Somraj, helps to cure skin condition which includes, burning sensation, skin redness, itching, irritation, eczema, psoriasis, and scabies, etc.

The effective HBR Syrup is a skin care product. You can add this product to your daily life to stay away from all forms of skin allergies. Moreover, it effectively treats the dry and itchy patches of the skin relieve burning sensation, skin discomfort and irritation due to harsh chemicals used in synthetic colors.

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