Giloy – A potent herb which cures multiple problems

The potency and efficacy of Ayurvedic herbs are not hidden by anyone. Ayurvedic herbs are safe, effective, and helps to strengthen the body from within. Likewise, Giloy is a herb that is used for most of the ailments and thus it is known as “Queen of herbs” or “Nectar”. Giloy is an excellent herb that is recommended by our grandmothers, doctors and many Ayurvedic practitioners.

Morphology of Giloy: –

Giloy is known by the name of Tinospora cordifolia (Biological name). This beautiful glabrous creeper creeps on the land and takes the support of a tree. Its leaves are 6-15 cm long, ovate and acute. The stem of this plant is succulent, climbing in nature and aerial roots arise from its branches. It bears small yellow unisexual flowers which are less than 2 mm in size. The flower blooms from May to June and bears fruits from September to October. The fruits are drupe shaped, ovoid, and turns red after ripening. Fruits attain the size of a large pea and have a single seed in them. This potent herb is a drug of choice for general wellness. Intake of this herb in the form of Ayurvedic medicine like Giloy Ark /Juice helps to keep a person away from various problems.

This herb is stacked with multiple medicinal properties which help to restore the general wellness and overall health of a person. The stem of Giloy is very useful in skin diseases whereas its bark is enriched with multiple properties which include anti-spasmodic, anti-pyretic, anti-allergic and anti-leprotic properties. Giloy is a herb whose entire plant is brought into medicinal use.

Importance of Giloy in Ayurvedic treatment: –

Giloy is enriched with soothing properties that help to heal the injured mucous membranes of the digestive system. It helps to protect the liver and prevent the person from exposure to toxins. Moreover, it helps to cure eye disorders and acts as a tissue builder. It acts as an excellent immunomodulator.

Giloy Ark, a potent herb available at Ambic Ayurved, acts as an best Ayurvedic Treatment for General Wellness and must be included in everyday life. It acts as a defensive measure to create a barrier between the body and bacterial infection. The Ark is enriched with diuretic property and helps to treat various infections. The starch present in this Ark is well used in chronic diarrhea and dysentery. Giloy Ark is suitable for all age people for both males and females.

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