Giloy Ark

Giloy Ark is an Ayurvedic product that is effective and useful for every age group. Giloy is also known as Amrita in Ayurveda. This Ayurvedic medicine is as beneficial as nectar. Giloy is an evergreen herb, and in Ayurveda, we know it by different names. Some of the names include Amrita, guddu, chhinn ruha and chakraangi. This Ayurvedic herb is a climber and takes the support of the tree. Giloy which climbs on the Neem tree is considered the best one. This Ayurvedic treatment helps to balance the tridosha (Vata-Pitta-Kapha) and increase the immune system of the body. It further, strengthens the heart. This medicine is available in ark form and is best recommended for general wellness, boost immunity, liver care, gastrointestinal diseases, dengue, chronic fever, gout, rheumatoid arthritis, prediabetes, body weakness, diabetes, cough, and skincare. On daily intake, Giloy ark helps to protect the body from various other body diseases. This medicine is best suited for adults, children and old age people.

Major Ingredients of Giloy Ark



Boost Immune System

Why Choose Giloy Ark

Concentrate Extracted from Giloy Stems

100% Sugar Free

No Added Colors & Preservatives


immune system

Natural Immunity Booster


Diabetes & Arthritis


Dengue / Malaria / Chikungunya

Chronic fever

Chronic Fever


Builds Resistance Against Foreign Virus

Improves Digestion & Metabolism

General Ayurvedic Tonic

Low Dosage. Better Results (Compared to Giloy Juice)

Best Suitable For



Working Professionals


Senior Citizens

Multiple Ways to Use Giloy Ark

With Green Tea

With Water

With Shikanji

With Aam Panna


10 ml twice in a day


300 ml / 100 ml

Note – Be assure to consult your doctor before taking the medicine


Giloy is primarily enriched with palmatine, tinosporin, giloin, calcium, zinc, iron and copper and manganese.

Giloy has multiple medicinal uses, Giloy stem is mainly used in various medicinal treatments. It has anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancerous properties. It further helps to relieve fever, jaundice, diabetes, gout, constipation, gas, etc.

Giloy works as a hypoglycemic agent, which plays a major role to control type 2 diabetes in the body.

Anti-pyretic property in Giloy helps to reduce the fever and helps to boost the immune system. which in turn is helpful to cure Dengue fever.

Giloy decoction is very helpful to reduce digestive disorders. Thus we can easily reduce stomach disorders by regular consumption of Giloy.

Giloy has Anti-allergic properties and is very effective in cough. Giloy decoction works like a magic in cough.

Along with reducing body ailments, Giloy is even helpful to boost the immune system. Regular intake of Giloy juice and tablet helps to boost the immune system and protects the body from many ailments.

Fresh Giloy leaf juice is effective in Jaundice. You can also take Giloy Satv to reduce symptoms of jaundice. Take Giloy satv with honey twice a day with breakfast or meal.

Consumption of Giloy juice helps to combat anemia. Giloy juice is loaded with iron, which helps to combat anemia and boost the immune system.

Giloy is very effective in skin disorders. Giloy stem paste is very effective to treat skin disorders and even beneficial to reduce the pimples on the skin.