Hopeliv DS Syrup

A beneficial Ayurvedic product that is effective for the gastrointestinal and digestive system. It is primarily important for liver disorders. This effective herb is beneficial for various diseases which includes fatty liver, liver cirrhosis, hepatitis, and many more. This syrup combines multiple Ayurvedic ingredients. It is effective for our digestive system. The ingredients of this Syrup like Kalmegh and Kutaki is effective to increase the action potential of the liver. It helps to reduce constipation symptoms. Moreover, it is also effective to treat indigestion and helps to increase the gastric acid in the stomach along with the appetite. It can be effectively used for vomiting, stomach ache, stomach irritation, stomach bloating, constipation, loss of appetite, hypersalivation, and many more disorders. This treatment is effective in ascites, liver care and helps in anemia. It is also good for people who consume alcohol. Further, it helps to increase the glow of the skin and appetite, which in turn increase the self-confidence in the liver patients.

Major Components of Hopeliv DS Syrup



Beneficial in Liver Cirrhosis



Helpful in Constipation and Jaundice



Helpful in Vomiting and reduces Stomach Ache, Heartburn



Improves the bowel movement



Cures Gastritis



Maintains Pitta In the Gall Bladder



Beneficial in Intestinal Disorders



Helpful in Liver Disorders




Liver cirrhosis

Liver Cirrhosis

Fatty liver

Fatty Liver

Loss of appetite

Loss of Appetite

Hepatitis A

Hepatitis A

Hepatitis B

Hepatitis B

Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C

Inflammation in the liver

Liver Inflammation


Take 10 ml thrice a day after a meal.


300 ml

Note – Be assure to consult your doctor before taking the medicine.


Liver disease can be due to various reasons some of them include virus infection, excessive intake of alcohol, any damage to liver, obesity, hereditary, etc. In liver disease, there is a wound formation in the liver which is well known as cirrhosis.

Liver disease can be of multiple types some of them includes fatty liver, Hepatitis A-B-C, jaundice, cirrhosis, alcoholic hepatitis, liver cancer, Gilbert’s syndrome.

Liver disease is due to virus infection, which makes the liver weak and there is a formation of the wound on the liver. Sometimes it can be life-threatening.

Liver disease can be due to heredity.

Liver treatment includes boosting the immune system, to control the quantity of protein in the body, to reduce water retention by taking less sodium food and intake of diuretics should be done. Moreover, you can take Hope Liv DS Syrup thrice a day.

In liver disease, the eyes and skin become pale, stomach ache, inflammation in the leg, itchy skin, excessive tiredness, loss of appetite, etc.

The complications of the liver disease depend on its cause, i.e if the person is alcoholic, his eating habits, fatty liver, smoking, unhealthy lifestyle, and stress. The severity of the liver disease increases the chances of liver failure. Moreover, sometimes this condition can be fatal.

Excessive alcohol intake makes one prone to liver disease. Excessive alcohol makes the liver weak and inflamed. Hence, it increases the chances of liver infection.

In sugar disease, due to increased levels of cholesterol and triglycerides, there is the development of the fatty liver. It makes the digestive system impaired and hence it increase the chances of liver disease.

Those diseases in which our immune system affects some part of the body, in turn, affects the liver. Some of them include auto-immune hepatitis, primary biliary cirrhosis, etc.