How to Cure Male Infertility Problems with Ayurvedic Medication

ATIVEERYA – An Ayurvedic herbal capsule which is 100% natural and blended with enriched vitamin and protein-rich supplement that has no side-effects in your body. The main objective of Ativeerya capsule is to cure male infertility problems by enhancing the production of sperm count. If the number of sperm count is low than the normal level or if the sperm is of a poor quality, it will be difficult, and sometimes impossible, for him to cause a pregnancy because the male fertility relies on both quantity and quality of his sperm.

Cause of Male Infertility:

Infertility primarily refers to the inability to produce reproductive cells that will create the proper amount of sperm that contribute to conception. Male infertility problems are usually caused by the improper production of sperm count or blockage in sperm transport. From Ayurvedic perspectives, an underlying problem such as an inherited disorder, hormonal imbalance, dilated veins around the testicle or a condition that blocks the passage of sperm causes signs and symptoms. A man’s fertility depends on the production of sperm count. If the number of sperm count is low or below the normal level, it will create fertility problems and pregnancy disorders.

Diet & Lifestyle Advice:

  • Dairy products such as milk, cheese, ghee help to increase male fertility.
  • Eat almonds and walnuts to increase the sperm count.
  • Eat sweet, juicy fruits such as mangoes, peaches, plums, pears etc.
  • Ajwain powder and Black cumin are good for enhancing the male fertility.
  • Avoid hot and spicy junk foods that have harmful effects on your health.
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption.
  • Take Ayurvedic herbal medicine –Ativeerya Capsule with a regular routine.


Ayurvedic Infertility Treatment:

According to Ayurveda perspective, male infertility problems are cured by healthy diet and yoga exercises (or Pranayama) taken along with proper Ayurvedic medicines-Ativeerya Capsule that will generate proper hormones and generate healthy reproductive tissues or cells in your body that enhances the production of sperm count. The four essential factors- Sperm/Ovum, Uterus, Nourishment, and time for conception. Reproductive health in men depends on the health of the reproductive cells in your body that can generate and enhances the production of sperm count and help in sexual wellness. The sperm is created as part of a long chain of metabolic transformations.


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