How to Treat Chronic Fever & Boost Digestive System

GILOY ARK – Giloy is addressed as “Amrita” as well because of the huge medicinal properties it possesses. Ambic Ayurved is an ISO 9001:2008 & GMP certified company operating as a leading manufacturer and supplier of Ayurvedic herbal products. This product actively provides different nutrients of Giloy which include numerous alkaloids such as berberine and giloin in the majority, steroids, and flavonoids.


The Perfect Way to Lead a Healthy, Disease-Free and Fit Life is to start using brilliant Ayurvedic syrup that is very beneficial for a healthy body without having any side-effects. Giloy improves eyesight reduces stress and obesity. Acts as an anti-oxidant to protect the body from the action of free radicals and reduces blood sugar levels, anti-cancer properties, reduce stress and anxiety, increase muscle mass and strength and lower cholesterol level. It is widely used in diabetes, gastro intestinal disorders, liver care and general wellness. These are highly regarded as being made from natural herbs in a hygienic environment, exhibiting high medicinal properties, minimal side effects and effectiveness.


Giloy Ark is beneficial in all types of fever and infections including viral and bacterial infections. However, it is not a potent antipyretic, but it is good for its immunomodulator action. It reduces the duration of illness and infection. When it is combined with Praval pishti, its antipyretic action is improved and it works well. It also strengthens the immunity system of your body and boosts stamina to prevent fever-associated debility. It is beneficial in following symptoms associated with fever or infections and treats chronic fever, improves digestion, reduces stress & anxiety and treats arthritis.


Take Giloy Ayurvedic powder of the medicinal herbs in prescribed ratio with a half cup of water. Boil the herbs in water and simmer the mixture until the water remains one fourth. Take Chandraprabha Vati and with this decoction for a week. It helps in cleansing the bladder and removing the toxins. Take regularly twice a day, Giloy Satva and Chandraprabha Vati until you will get complete relief from Interstitial Cystitis and its symptoms.

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