HyLo Capsule

Hy-Lo Capsule is an effective and beneficial medicine for Cardiovascular diseases. This Ayurvedic product is very effective in high blood pressure. This medicine is combined with various beneficial and effective Ayurvedic ingredients. One of its ingredient, Sarpgandha is a very well-known neurotransmitter. This medicine helps to relax the nervous system and nerve cells which in turn helps to maintain blood pressure. Moreover, this medicine is even helpful to reduce stress and tension. This medicine works as a tonic for the heart diseases. Moreover, it helps to balance the Tridosha (Vata-Pitta-Kapha). It reduce the anxiety of the body and strengthens the immune system. This capsule has anti-oxidant properties that help to balance the activities of the heart.

Major Components of Hy-Lo Capsule



Acts as Brain Tonic and Reduces High Blood Pressure


Pipali Mool

Balances Cholesterol Level and Cures Heart Diseases



Boost Immunity Power and Reduce Body Stress



Balance Tridosha and Reduce Stress-Related Blood Pressure



This Neurotransmitter helps to relax the Nervous System


Zahar Mohara

Acts as Heart Tonic


Praval Pishti

Reduces the Increased Heart Rate


Armanaal Khaas

Reduces the cholesterol level and protects the heart


High blood pressure

High Blood Pressure

Increased heart rate

Increased Heart Rate

Anxiety problems

Anxiety Problems

Various heart diseases

Various Heart Diseases




Take 1 Hy-Lo Capsule thrice a day before meal.
For better results, also take one Amdil Capsule thrice a day for heart strength.


A Box of 1 X 15 X 4 Capsules

Note – Be assure to consult your doctor before taking the medicine.


In high blood pressure there is a problem of headache. When the blood pressure is 150/90 then in this condition, there is a problem of headache.

Yes, a person with high blood pressure sweats mostly because due to an increase in blood circulation there is an increase in body temperature.

In high blood pressure the heart rate increases because the blood circulation increases in this condition.

No, it is not common to have chest pain in high blood pressure. It might be due to gas or infection in the lungs.

Stress might lead to high blood pressure because during stress condition the blood circulation increases.

In high blood pressure problem of feeling dizzy is due to increased blood circulation.

Sometimes there is nose bleeding in high blood pressure because small arteries and veins get ruptured due to an increase in blood flow.

High blood pressure can give rise to kidney problems because blood is firstly purified in the kidney and then it reaches the heart. thus, if high blood pressure is not controlled within time, it might lead to kidney problems.

High blood pressure due to cholesterol triglycerides can give rise to liver problems. In this condition, there is a problem of fatty liver.

In high blood pressure conditions, there is a problem of general weakness because when there is an increase in blood pressure it gives arise to tiredness and body weakness.