Keep 8 Things In Mind To Keep Home Sanitized In Covid-19 Times

As we are going through a pandemic crisis, everyone is worried about their safety while stepping out. It is very important to maintain proper hygiene and disinfect the house daily. Sanitization is important and it is important to keep coronavirus away from coming home. Here are the following 8 tips that you must keep in your mind – 

  1. Try to practice border control at home – 

Try to clean and sanitize every surface that mostly gets in contact with many people like door handles, light switches, countertops, and faucets, etc. 

You have to take great care if the people have to follow the same path while coming inside the house. Try to open the door which is close to the sink as before entering the home the person must wipe his hand. Stock up the sink area with soap and tissue paper and not with a cloth towel.

If you are entering your home after being in a high-risk environment like a doctor’s office or emergency room. The first thing you need to do is remove your clothes and put them straight into the washing machine. Wash them with your normal detergent and take a shower. 

         2. Don’t bring Covid-19 along with grocery shopping – 

When you are out for shopping never touch your face, nose, mouth until you have sanitized your hand or washed your hands. If you are using your car keep it clean by wiping your steering wheel, dashboard, and door handle with disinfectant. Put the vegetable bags in your trunk and not in the car. 

Once you are home, put the grocery bag aside. After sanitizing and washing your hand wipe down cartons and cans as you put them away. Put the empty bags outside into the recycle bin and clean the counter. 

      3. What to do if any family member does not corporate?

If only one person is following all the rules and regulations of a good sanitization and the partner or the children are not following the rules, all in vain.

      4.Cleaning and disinfecting are not the same thing – 

 Cleaning is meant for hands and should be done with the help of a good anti-bacterial soap or handwash. Soap helps to remove all the dirt and the germs from the skin surface and helps to rinse them off. Wash it for at least 20 seconds.

Disinfecting is done on the surfaces with the help of alcohol, xylenol, Clorox, etc to kill the bacteria and the virus.

        5. Cleansers and disinfectors are out of stock what else can you use?

You can make your own with the help of a solution of Clorox. Take 1/3 cup solution of Clorox to one gallon of water. Fill a spray bottle or you can also use alcohol as an excellent disinfectant. 

        6.Do not allow visitors from outside – 

It is not possible to ban all the visitors, but everyone who enters the home is potentially infected. Ask them to remove their shoes and then wash your hands. Keep a distance with them and take safety precautions. 

       7. Make people more aware of COVID-19 – 

Covid-19 is not just like other flu in the market. It is a lethal infection with some serious consequences. As the virus lives in the air and can be easily transmitted when someone coughs or sneezes. So, it is important to stay at home and be vigilant. 

         8. Never leave your clothes damp – 

Damp towels and clothes are an excellent site for coronavirus droplets to stay live longer than if they landed on any hard surface. It is important to wash your towel with Dettol and water. Try to use hand towels. However, every person must have a dedicated towel to avoid the infection.

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