Pachast Syrup

This Ayurvedic product is effective for the digestive system for all age groups. It helps in the production of the digestive enzyme and cures constipation. Further, it helps to reduce the acidity, gas, stomach bloating and helps to increase the appetite. It is a very beneficial for impaired digestive system caused by bacterial infection due to contaminated water and food. It also helps to kill the harmful bacteria in the digestive system and is an effective liver care treatment. A person can take this syrup if he/she has irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). It is an effective medicine for various gastrointestinal disorders which includes stomach cramps, diarrhea and gas problems. This syrup is a combination of various nutritional ingredients that help to keep the digestive system strong and healthy. It helps to increase the digestive capacity and helps in the availability of adequate nutrition and minerals to the body. It is effective in the production of plasma and blood in the body. This syrup helps to increase the digestive fire and aids in digestion. This syrup if taken with Pachast tablet increases the efficacy of the medicine.

Major Components of Pachast Syrup



Helps to reduce Digestive Disorders


Nagar Motha

Keeps Digestive System on track



Helpful in Liver Disorders



Reduce Bacterial infection in the digestive system


Removes Constipation and helpful in Abdominal Pain



Helpful in Burning Sensation, Pain and Gas in Stomach



Increases the secretion of pitta in the gall bladder



Helpful in Metabolism






Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)




Stomach Bloating

Bacterial infection

Bacterial Infection in the stomach






Take 10 ml thrice a day after meal.
To increase the efficacy, take 1 Pachast Tablet thrice a day after meal.


300 ml / 200 ml

Note – Be assure to consult your doctor before taking the medicine.


Yes, constipation is due to the impaired digestive system. In this situation, the feces become very hard and the amount of defecated feces gets reduced. Sometimes due to deficiency of water, feces get deposited in the dry state. So, try to defecate whenever you feel like and keep yourself ailment free.

If a person has an impaired digestive system it can lead to stomach ulcers. As, wounds that arise after boils due to improper, spicy food can be life-threatening.

Inflammation in the intestine, due to an impaired digestive system is known as Ulcerative colitis. It is responsible for the prolonged inflammation and ulcer in the digestive system. In some cases, it can be harmful to our life.

In the human body, the liver is the largest gland which is responsible for the production of Pitta, takes the prior place and helps in the metabolism of absorbed intestinal juice.

Intestine plays a major role in food digestion and is known as the second brain in the body. Moreover, from food digestion, it is involved in various other work. It further, helps to boost the immune system.

Yes, prolonged constipation may lead to piles. Constipation makes the stool hard and dry, which in turn turns to a wound while passing stool through the anal route. Slowly and gradually it converts to piles.

There is an acid formation due to improper food habits. The glands present in the stomach walls secrete gastric juice, which contains hydrochloric acid, pepsin enzyme and mucous.

Drinking water just after your meal does not allow your food to be digested properly. It further impairs the body’s metabolism and makes the person feel bloated.

Improper food digestion leads to deposition of fat inside the body which in turn increases the belly fat.

Due to an improper digestive system, the food is unable to digest in the body and slowly starts to decay in the intestine. This results in an impaired digestive system and gives rise to bad breath from the mouth.