Pirest Tablet

This Ayurvedic product is very effective for piles and gastrointestinal disorders. This medicine is good for your digestive system, soften stool, helps in defecation and constipation. The ingredients of this medicine cures piles and fissures. It is effective in both bleeding and non-bleeding piles. Furthermore, it helps to destroy the worms in the stomach. It further strengthens the digestive system and is effective in liver care. It is beneficial in nerve swelling and the inflammation near the anus and anal route. It is effective to cure warts near the anal route which cause burning sensation and pain while passing stool. Haritiki, an active ingredient, helps to strengthen the digestive system and is helpful to get rid of stomach gas and indigestion. Kutaj and Daru Haldi helps to control the excessive bleeding in piles due to its anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant, anti-viral properties and effective for all types of piles and fissure. In turn, it helps to reduce hesitation in patients and increase their self-confidence.

Major Components of Pirest Tablet



Effective in Piles



Cures Inflammation due to Piles


Daru Haldi

Controls Excessive Bleeding in Piles



Cures Infection in Piles


Bel Giri

Good for Digestive System


Helpful in Digestion


Useful in Bleeding Piles


Reduce Swelling in Piles


Dry hemorrhoids

Dry Hemorrhoids (Piles)

Bleeding hemorrhoids

Bleeding Piles

Inflammation in anal root

Inflammation of the Anus (Proctitis)



Problem of warts

Cure Warts


1 to 2 tablets twice a day before a meal with lukewarm water or milk.
To avoid the constipation take 1 Pachast Tablet twice a day.


A Box of 1 X 10 X 3 Tablets

Note – Be assure to consult your doctor before taking the medicine.


Piles is a medicinal condition when there is an inflammation in the nerves of the rectum and the anus. However, it is a disease of the nerves present in the rectum and the anus, well known as Varicose veins.

Symptoms of piles include bleeding, pain-inflammation, itching, presence of lump or wart during defecation.

The chances of getting piles increases when there is extra pressure while defecation, impaired digestive system, chronic constipation, increased pressure on the anus during pregnancy.

When the digestive system is not working properly for a long duration, it may feel you constipated. Constipation dries up the stool and it irritates the anal passage. Hence, it increases the chances of getting piles.

There is an increased chance of getting piles in pregnancy because during the gestation period there is increased pressure on the anal nerves. Moreover, hormonal change can also be one of its reason.

In some people, piles problems can be due to genetics. In Piles which occur due to genetics, weakness in the nerves of the anus can be one of the main reasons.

Due to excessive weight, the internal weight of the stomach increases. This results in increased pressure on the muscles of the anus, thus the chances of getting piles increases.

To prevent piles consume fiber-enriched food, try to drink at least 8 liters of water and take 1 Pirest tablet every morning and evening.

During lifting heavyweight when the person stops his breathing, pressure on the anus increases. Prolonged lifting heavyweight there is an increase in inflammation of the nerves and the chances of getting piles also increase.

Active body movement increases the gut movement which helps in easy defecation. When a person does not exercise, then his digestive system gets impaired and he feels constipated. All this increases the chances of getting piles.