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Aamish Syrup


Packing: 200 ml


Aamish Syrup is an effective and beneficial Ayurvedic product for UTI (Urinary Tract Infection), kidney stone and kidney diseases. It is useful to cure the inflammation and infection in the urinary tract. Also cure pus cells and blood in the urine. Furthermore, it is useful in urethritis, urinary obstruction, fever, etc. It is very effective in dysuria. Moreover, this medicine is very effective for the burning sensation in the urine. It is helpful in retention of urine. Along with this, it helps to throw the toxins out from the body and helps to reduce the chances of urinary disorders. This syrup acts as a kidney tonic and is helpful in kidney care. Active ingredient Ajamod helps to decrease the level of uric acid and activates the formation of urine. It helps to fight the bacterial infection in the digestive system and the genital organs. It further helps to prevent the formation of cyst in the urinary tract. Moreover, by reducing the symptoms of urinary disorders, it helps a person to focus on his work and daily chores.


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