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Adijay Syrup

(3 customer reviews)


Packing: 300 ml


This Ayurvedic product is effective in the fever due to any infection like dengue, malaria, and typhoid etc. This syrup is loaded with an anti-bacterial, immunostimulant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-viral properties. It helps to purify the blood by removing the toxins. This treatment also acts as a liver tonic. It helps to strengthen the immune system which helps to combat fever, body ache, throat ache, cough, cold and is an excellent product for general wellness. It is even helpful to reduce the level of blood sugar in the body. It acts as a liver tonic in the body and further helps in the treatment of urinary tract infection. This syrup helps to increase the immune system of the body and helps to prevent bacterial growth. To prevent infection in the blood this syrup helps to increase the level of white blood cells and platelets. It is an excellent Ayurvedic treatment for anemia. This treatment is composed of various ingredients which help to purify the blood and even effective in diabetes, liver diseases along with digestive problems.

3 reviews for Adijay Syrup

  1. Gaurav Kapur

    Adijay Syrup helps to treat your body infection. You will feel happy and energetic throughout the day. Thank you for an amazing product.

  2. Ankit Rawat

    I used to experience fever in morning and in the night it goes off. Recently I was diagnosed with typhoid. Adijay syrup showed excellent results to reduce my fever.

  3. Rahul Gaur

    Last year I suffered with Typhoid fever. With medicines it has gone. But whenever weather changes I feel feverish. With Adijay Syrup now I feel much relaxed and energetic.

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