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Aljoint Syrup

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Packing: 200 ml and 450 ml

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AlJoint Syrup is very effective to soothe the waist, knees, and joints pain with the goodness of natural Ayurvedic herbs. AlJoint Syrup is loaded with the benefits of Dash Mool, Punarnava, Kulanjan, Ashwagandha. Rasna Patti, Daru Haldi, etc. This Syrup is effective to treat Arthritic rheumatic pain, soothe sore muscles, joints, and reduce joint stiffness. This Syrup is a natural joint pain reliever effective on knee pain, chronic back pain, and improves flexibility of joints. Order this Syrup right now if you have a family member with arthritis, obesity, or you spend long sitting hours in your office. People who experience problems while walking steps, sitting, or standing must take this natural and safe Ayurvedic treatment. Moreover, the herbs help to strengthen the joints and muscles along with weak bones and ligaments. Stock up this Syrup if your grandparents live along with you.

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200 ml, 450 ml


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