Kandarp Capsules


Packing: A Box of 1 X 10 X 5 Capsules


Kandarp Capsules are specially formulated to treat various male infertility issues and various sexual disorders. The potent ingredients in these capsules help to increase sex drive and boosts the overall reproductive health. These capsules help to increase sperm count and improve sperm motility. This ayurvedic remedy for male infertility brings relief to stress and stimulates the blood circulation throughout the body. These capsules balance the heat in the body and facilitate favorable conditions for sperm formation (spermatogenesis). Furthermore, they are also helpful in necrozoospermia. It is a condition where semen contains only the dead sperms. These capsules increase the longevity of the sperms and their mobility. These Ayurvedic capsules are loaded with ingredients with aphrodisiac nature and hence is quite effective in combating male fertility issues. Helps in curing premature ejaculation and improve the sperm count. A regular dosage helps in getting rid of impotency. In all these ayurvedic capsules immensely helps in getting rid of the fatigue and strengthens overall muscles. They promote overall well being along with male reproductive health.


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