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Lucoya Capsule

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Packing: A Box of 1 X 15 x 4 Capsules


Lucoya capsule is an effective Ayurvedic product that is beneficial in Leukorrhea and balancing the Tridosha(Vata-Pitta-Kapha). This Ayurvedic Capsule is composed of unique herbal ingredients meant for women’s wellness. It is effective in fertility problems and various other gynecological disorders in females. Moreover, it helps to maintain hormonal imbalance in females. This treatment also works as a uterine tonic in females. Lucoya capsules are very effective in deficiency of blood and Dhaatus, further helps to strengthen the ovary and uterus in females. Consumption of these capsules helps in the development of internal underdeveloped organs. These capsules are loaded with the goodness of iron, zinc, calcium, protein, fiber and very effective for various uterine disorders. Moreover, it helps to reduce the body weakness, which in turn, make face glow, facilitates energy and uplifts the overall morale in females.

3 reviews for Lucoya Capsule

  1. Madhu Tyagi

    Hello, I used to binge on fast foods and last year I came to know that I have Leukorrhea. Lucoya capsule helped a lot to deal with my symptoms.

  2. Sanchi Agarwal

    I got married last year. I face severe vaginal discharge. On my friends recommendation I started taking Lucoya capsules. Much relieved with this treatment.

  3. Rema Kashyap

    Lucoya capsule is an excellent and effective treatment for Leukorrhea. A must buy product.

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