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Minitall Syrup

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Packing: 200 ml


Minitall Syrup is an effective Ayurvedic product which helps in the overall development and to increase height of the children. This Syrup is beneficial for the general wellness of the children and youths from 5 to 25 years. This syrup helps to activate the growth hormone and is helpful for the digestive system. Furthermore, it helps to boost the immune power and combat with a viral and bacterial infection. Daily intake of this syrup helps to increase the appetite and keeps the body healthy. It is effective to increase the metabolism and reduce ama. This Ayurvedic treatment is effective in strengthening and the overall development of the brain. Vidaara, an active ingredient in the medicine is helpful to strengthen the seven dhatus, bones, muscles and the nervous system. It is very effective for the skin. Regular intake of this syrup helps to keep the skin soft, supple and keep it protected against any infection. You can easily attain good height with the help of Minitall syrup. Further this will help to regain the confidence of the patient.

3 reviews for Minitall Syrup

  1. Anamika Mittal

    My child is in his growing years. Suddenly I have experienced that there is no increase in his height. I am thankful to Minitall syrup which helped to regain the height.

  2. Dipali Kashyap

    Minitall syrup works like magic to increase the height in children. Very beneficial product.

  3. Naveen Rana

    My child is very lean and weak. He even do not take proper food. Minitall syrup helped a lot to strengthen the muscles and bones.

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