Navroop Breast Capsule


Packing: A box of 1 X 10 X 6 Capsules


An Ayurvedic product which is beneficial in the development of breast in women. This problem in women arises due to genetic and hormonal imbalance. This capsule enhances the beauty of the breast and gives them definition. This medicine is even beneficial for those women who’s breast are not fully developed. Ingredients incorporated in the medicine helps to strengthen the breast muscles and enhance their beauty. Moreover, this women’s wellness product helps to reduce the menstrual and uterus problems in females. It is helpful to reduce body weakness. Further, it helps in the overall development of the female organs and helps to increase sexual desire in women. Pushpadhanva Ras, an active ingredient in this treatment help in the overall development of the body organs. Regular intake of this capsule helps in the development of the entire body which helps the female body to become healthy, strong and in shape. For the best effective results, you can use Navroop breast cream with the Navroop breast capsule.


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