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Pirest Tablet


Packing: A Box of 1 X 10 X 3 Tablets


This Ayurvedic product is very effective for piles and gastrointestinal disorders. This medicine is good for your digestive system, soften stool, helps in defecation and constipation. The ingredients of this medicine cures piles and fissures. It is effective in both bleeding and non-bleeding piles. Furthermore, it helps to destroy the worms in the stomach. It further strengthens the digestive system and is effective in liver care. It is beneficial in nerve swelling and the inflammation near the anus and anal route. It is effective to cure warts near the anal route which cause burning sensation and pain while passing stool. Haritiki, an active ingredient, helps to strengthen the digestive system and is helpful to get rid of stomach gas and indigestion. Kutaj and Daru Haldi helps to control the excessive bleeding in piles due to its anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant, anti-viral properties and effective for all types of piles and fissure. In turn, it helps to reduce hesitation in patients and increase their self-confidence.


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