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Shilajit Wadi Wati Tablet


Packing: Box of 1 X 15 Tablets


Shilajeet wadi vati is an efficacious Ayurvedic product. In Ayurveda, it is well known as Mahaushadhi. It is very effective in sexual wellness ailments like dhaatu ksheenata, urinary related disease, diabetes, sexual disorders, bone, and joint disease. This vati has anti-atherosclerotic properties which help to control the deposition of fat in the arteries. Active ingredient, Gurmar in this vati helps to reduce the sugar in the blood along with lipid content. It is a traditional medicine for gout. Furthermore, it helps to protect our body cells and is effective to reduce the iron and blood deficiency disease which includes irregular heart rate, headache, cold hand and feet, weakness, and tiredness. Moreover, it helps to improve the blood circulation in the heart and increase the level of testosterone which further helps to protect the muscles and tissues and reduce the fat deposition in the body. Shilajeet helps to increase the energy level of the body. People who used to consume this vati feel refreshing. Swarna bhasma, an active ingredient in this vati is effective in cancer, brain health, stress, and pregnancy. It is the best recommended and useful Ayurvedic treatment for general wellness.


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