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Smart-N-Slim Capsule


Packing: Box of 1 X 15 X 6 Capsules


This Ayurvedic product helps to reduce the fat content from the body. It is effective to treat digestive disorders in the body. Moreover, it is also helpful in body weakness, indigestion, liver disorders and general wellness. For the overall development of the body, this capsule is helpful to strengthen the nutrition glands. Furthermore, it is efficacious for blood disorders. Along with reducing the bodyweight it also takes care of your cardiovascular system. Also very beneficial for constipation. This Ayurvedic treatment acts as a main herbal ingredient which is helpful to reduce body weight. This treatment is helpful to increase the digestive fire, healthy elimination and metabolism. An obese person can take this capsule twice a day. Ajwain satva in this capsule is helpful to reduce the body weight and helps to eliminate the stomach problems. Furthermore, it is effective to reduce the inflammation of the gums.


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