Females have to deal with myriad problems throughout their lifetime. Pregnancy and infertility disorders can easily enter in your child-bearing age.  Sedentary lifestyle, stress, workload, poor eating habits, gave birth to various medical conditions in females. In a similar way, sexual disorder is the biggest problem seen in various females nowadays. The sexual disorder has been increased to a higher rate in modern women specially who are more devoted to their career and goals.

Female sexual disorder can be explained as the problem which hinders the couples to experience satisfaction from sexual intercourse. It has been seen that both males and females suffer from this problem but the ratio of females is much higher in comparison to men.

The major problem in the treatment of the female sexual disorder is that the couples use to hesitate to share their problem. They feel confined and assume that no treatment is available for this problem.

However female sexual disorder can be further treated into four broad categories: –

The disorder is seen in desire – When there is no interest in sexual intercourse or lack of sexual desire.

The disorder is seen in arousal – When there is no involvement of physical excitement during sexual intercourse.

The disorder is seen during orgasm – When there is delay or absence of orgasm (climax)

A disorder associated with pain – When there is pain during sexual intercourse.

Females who are easily affected by sexual disorder –

There are no certain criteria which affect the sexual desire in females. However, females who attain an age above 40 are a very easy target of this problem.

Symptoms which will let the woman know about her problem.

  • When a woman is not able to reach the orgasm.
  • When there is no vaginal lubrication (a naturally produced fluid, which increases the lubrication of the vagina, its secretion takes place when a woman feels sexually aroused) seen before or during the process of sexual intercourse.
  • When the vaginal muscles fail to relax too which hinders the process of sexual intercourse.
  • When there is no interest left in sexual intercourse.
  • When there is no arousal seen in females during intercourse.
  • Pain during sexual intercourse.

The reason behind female sexual disorder: –

There could be various reasons involved in this. Let’s discuss some of them: –

Some physical factors include some visible changes on body. Some severe problems like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, hormonal imbalances, neurological disorders, chronic problems like liver cirrhosis or kidney failure, alcoholism and drug abuse.

Moreover, the side-effects of some medicines are also responsible for this condition.

Psychological factors include stress due to workload, feeling depressed, feeling guilty, marital issues or certain problems in the relationship or some trauma experienced during the past sexual intercourse.

Ayurvedic treatment is the best treatment to increase sexual desire: –

Ayurvedic products are the most effective and safe products to be taken by a female to increase their sexual desire. They can be used as a tonic to rejuvenate their sexual desire and the reproductive system.

A product of Ambic Ayurved, Progarb Capsule, enriched with MandurBhasma, GarbhChintamadi Ras, PravalPishti, AbhrakBhasma, Garbhpal Ras, etc helps to stimulate the sexual desire in a woman and enhance their sexual arousal, enjoyment, and performance. The herbs are being brought into medical use since ancient times and they are almost as old as the human being itself.

All the above mentioned Ayurvedic products are effective Vajikaran. They canbe conveniently used by the females who have lack of sexual interest, low libido or woman weakened with problematic sexual excesses. The herbs are free of side-effects and show the desired therapeutic effect on sexual efficacy.

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