The perspective of Ayurveda on Covid-19

Ayurvedic remedies are preferred over synthetic medicine systems as they are effective to treat a range of disorders without any side effect and can be easily used for an extended period of time.

Ayurveda has been used for thousands of years and is the best and effective way to treat disease and lead a healthy lifestyle with the goodness of herbs. The principles and concepts of Ayurveda revolve around the tridosha (Vata, Pitta and Kapha) and helps to balance the trio to avoid any infection or disorder. The main aim of Ayurveda is to promote good health by curbing disorders. 

Ayurvedic herbs have been used since Ancient times to treat myriad disorders. Their safety, efficacy, potency and purity made them popular worldwide. The world is experiencing a severe pandemic situation, Coronavirus or Covid-19, a virus that has changed the entire world. The World is scrambling to find its cure and now even the experts have said that the best way to prevent Covid-19 infection is to boost the immune system which might help to minimize the effects of Covid-19 and hastens the recovery from the disease.    

As recently our honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi has highlighted the importance of Ayurveda and urged people to follow the guidelines of Ayush Ministry to bolster the immune system and stay fit and healthy.

A strong immune system is more important than ever. In this pandemic situation it’s time to know the importance of Ayurvedic herbs loaded with multiple medicinal properties.

Giloy is an excellent immunomodulator whose roots are very effective to boost the immune system. It is well known as roots on immorality and in Ayurveda it is known as Amrita or Nectar. You can consume Giloy in the form of powder, juice or ark form, whichever is suitable for you.  

Add herbal tea in your diet made with the help of Ginger, Cinnamon and Cardamom, Tulsi or even Mint. These herbal teas help to boost immunity. Mix Ashwagandha powder in cow’s milk and drink it on a regular basis to boost immunity.

In a similar way whenever you cook food try to add turmeric, cumin, coriander, garlic, clove. They not only add flavour to the dish but also helps to fight several infections.

Along with this try to consume 10 gms of Chawanprash in the day as you wake up and try to add jaggery powder and fresh lime juicer in your diet. They all help to fight Covid-19 symptoms.

Try to consume at least 150 ml of milk with half tablespoon of turmeric once or twice in a day. In the morning and evening apply cow ghee, sesame oil or coconut oil in both the nostrils to combat the infection.  

Pranayama helps to clean the prana vaha srotas or the respiratory system and helps to boost energy by keeping the virus at bay. Along with this you can try certain Yogasana which includes camel pose, cobra pose, cow pose, boat, bow, and bridge pose, locust, lotus, and lion pose. In case you think that they are too complicated for you can go with Surya Namaskar.

At this time try to consume basmati rice with moong daal khichdi with loads of vegetables and always consume it hot. Say no to cold food items like cold drinks, iced water, iced cold beverage, yogurt, cheese or ice cream. As the cold foods will suppress your agni (digestive fire and digestive capacity) and exposure to cold will diminish your natural resistance. Instead of this try to consume hot water. Sip it throughout the day or after consuming the food.

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