Women are very particular about their beauty. Women can’t have all the body organs loaded with fitness and beauty. Similarly, breasts in females use to enhance their beauty, upgrade their looks and nurture their babies.

There is no definite size of the breast. Women can have the breast of different sizes. Some women used to have normal or bigger breasts size which is fine with them. The problem arises when the breast size is small. In medical terms, this problem is known by the name of “Micromastia.” It can be defined as post-pubertal underdeveloped breast tissue. Aiming for perfect figure and thin body weight in young women results in small breast size and unhealthy body. 

Women with small breasts have to face humiliation and slowly and gradually they lose their self-confidence and morale. apart with beauty, personality some women with small breast size have to face challenges with their baby feed. As they are not able to feed their babies with enough nutrition.

Reasons for small breast size?

There could be various reasons involved for small breast size. Some of the reasons include: –

Genetics – Small breast size may be due to genetics. If your mother or any family member has a small breast, the chances are high to develop one with the same.

Undernourished food items – Junk, fast and ready to eat food items do not have any nutritional benefits which result in various unhealthy conditions and underdeveloped breast and small breast size is on top of among them.

Mental stress – Stress hampers the regeneration of new cells. This further results in a small breast size.

Various health conditions like thyroid – If you have thyroid, you could develop underdeveloped breasts.

Ayurvedic treatment for small breast size (Micromastia): – 

Ayurvedic products are the best method to regenerate new cells and breast tissues. Ambic Ayurved has Navroop Breast Capsule and Navroop Breast Cream which is enriched with the goodness of Ashwagandha, Ashoka, Vidarikand, Shatavari, Kali Musli. All these herbs in combination penetrate deep into the underlying breast tissues and help in their regeneration. This further helps to strengthen breast muscles and tissues and maintain the breast size. This is the best Ayurvedic product for women wellness.

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