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Kandarp Syrup

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Packing: 300 ml


Kandarp Syrup is an Ayurvedic product that is highly effective for various sexual disorders. This syrup is a top quality product among male sexual diseases. This product is highly effective for stress, fatigue, sexual reluctance, good sperm quality (dhaatu vardhak), impotence, and many other ailments. This Syrup is composed of quality herbal ingredients like Ashwagandha, Gokharu, Vidarikand, Kaunch Beej and many other beneficial herbal ingredients which we pick from the mountains. This Syrup is very helpful to balance the hormones in males. This Ayurvedic product helps increase the testosterone level in males. It is even effective to increase the blood circulation of the penis. This medicine helps to increase the RBC and WBC count in the blood and keep the body healthy. Moreover, it increases sexual potency and sexual wellness in males. It further help to increase the muscle force of the body. Take this Syrup along with Kandarp churna for better results.

1 review for Kandarp Syrup

  1. Keshav Darlami

    I would like to thank Ambic Ayurved for Kandarp Syrup. It has changed my sexual life. Now I am enjoying my life with my wife. Thank you so much.

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